©2017 by Mark Weiher. 

Stride Gum Social

How do you get college students to keep the name "Stride gum" on the tips of their tongues? You give them a way to really keep it on the tips of their tongues. I created an edible Stride Loud Mouth tattoo and encourage consumers to place it on their tongue and share on their social networks. And, for those truly into Stride, we offered anyone who got a REAL tongue tattoo Stride for life. 

Stride Tattoo Social Campaign

Consumers were encouraged to show off their new tongue tattoo on all social networks to earn a free pack of Stride gum.

Stride Tongue Tattoo

Stride College Bus Shuttles

We offered college Freshman free Stride-branded shuttles to Target during the first week of school to get all the supplies, and Stride, they'd need for the dorm.