©2017 by Mark Weiher. 

Kraft Stacked Meat & Cheese In-Store Program

Kraft had an idea for “Stacked,” a never-before-seen meat & cheese stick. (Their words, not mine.) Our task was to break through the basic, boring dairy aisle POS and get Millennials, who typically walk right past that section, interested in our unique offering. Thus the magical, nay…mystical, creations you see here. A tongue-very-firmly-in-cheek exploration of the wondrous meat & cheese combination. Animatronic dragons at shelf and 3D floor clings completed the fantasy.

Fantastical Options

In-store signage took on a fantasy look to match the magical pairing of meat and cheese. 

In-Store POS  

Interactive dice-rollers on shelf blades, and an animatronic dragon at shelf (which would snort and move his wings when approached), were created to stand out in the dairy aisle. And a 3D mermaid floor cling rounded out the effect. 

Microsite Support

Online, we gave our target a chance to test their "Stacked Quotient" through a series of tests and games to see if they were as fantastic as this new product.