©2017 by Mark Weiher. 

Oreo Dunk Challenge

Oreo Cookies rolled out a national campaign called "Oreo Dunk Challenge." But while the national POS featuring Shaquille O'Neal and Christina Aguilera in a dunk-off might work for TV sports and POS, three stores -- Walmart, Target and Kroger -- wanted something customized for their shoppers. 

Walmart World Record Event

How do you increase sales of the world's favorite cookie at the world's busiest store? You set a new world record. Walmart and Oreo challenged us to "do something big" for their brands. So, I created the Oreo Dunk Guinness Challenge, where shoppers at the world's busiest Walmart in Orlando would set a new dunking record. 2,000,000 people followed the event live on Facebook Live and we got Oreo in the record books. Slam dunk.



Walmart's first-ever Facebook Live event

2,000,000+ Impressions

80% sales lift at event location

20% sales lift city wide

1 World Record set

Target Three-Party harmony

Part of the fun of Target is the discoveries you make walking down the aisle. Knowing Target Guests are also technologically savvy, I created a program that let them have fun online while discovering and showing off their singing chops. Christina Aguilera had created a short, three-part video that showed her singing three notes and then dunking an Oreo Cookie. We asked Target Shoppers to post their own Three-Part Harmony Dunk on the app, Dubsmash.


Oreo sales at Target were up 12% during the promotion

Viewers uploaded a total of 144 hours of Dubsmash videos (at about 10 seconds each)

Kroger Charity

Each spring, Kroger ties in with local food banks ro help those in need. And since an Oreo Cookie isn't exactly the most nutritious food bank donation, they wanted to do something else. Thus, "Dunk to Fill Their Glass." Here, with every package of Oreo sold in Kroger stores, we'd donate one glass of milk -- a beverage that almost NO food banks receive as donations. One million glasses later, everyone had something to dunk their Oreo in.